The Wednesday Wire


Only 72 hours into this week and there's already a lot to talk about. From groundhogs to gorillas, here are the top stories making headlines halfway through the week:

  • February 1st ushered in the year of the tiger - which many say is a welcome change after the unprecedented back-to-back years of the bat.

  • Today was Groundhog Day - a day that is sure to confuse every child in America as their teachers explain how a rodent predicting the weather is the science we all agree on.

  • Over 100,000 Americans died from diabetes in 2021. A fate, doctors say, they, unfortunately, couldn't outrun.

  • New research finds when a country is listening to happier songs markets perform better - Economists announced the findings, then put a hit out on Adele.

  • Brands are giving customers a chance to opt-out of Valentine's day emails - and will automatically opt-out for customers who on average purchase more than three monthly bags of cat food.

  • Due to delivery driver shortages, Dominos is offering customers a $3 tip if they pick up the pizza in-store. The program offers those who continue to pick up in-store more tips and a chance to win a free Dominos hat if they carry out and deliver 5 other customers' orders - and if they keep it up for a month, Dominos will send them a free Dominos polo shirt. And if they keep it up for a full year, Dominos will send them a W-2.

  • NYC will soon require employers to supply a salary range when advertising a position. Salaries on new job postings will be set on a sliding scale from 1 - 4 roommates.

  • The oldest known male gorilla, Ozzie, passed away last week at the age of 61. To honor his death, fellow gorillas have littered their encampments with bananas at half peel.